Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

I love these cupcakes!!! They are so cute and perfect for a wedding shower.

My favorite part about them is that I was able to match the exact shade of "Tiffany Blue"!!!

Even though they took MUCH longer than expected, the time was definitely worth it : ) Now it's back to play in the kitchen because I have a princess cake to finish!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jennifer is going to the White House!

Dr. Jennifer Swanberg, Executive Director of iwin, was one of 20 researchers invited to a Forum on March 31st to discuss Workplace Flexibility at the White House with President Obama and the First Lady. This is such an honor and great opportunity that a celebration was a MUST! Check out the press release here.

Around 5:45 yesterday, Lee Ann jokingly suggested I make a cake for today. As soon as I turned around she said "Oh no, I can tell from the look in your eye you are actually thinking about it." Caught up in the excitement, of course I agreed to make it. As we quickly sorted out the details of the cake (before Jennifer came in) Lee Ann admitted that while it started as a joke, part of her really wanted it to happen! As for me... I have an automatic attraction to anything involving cake!

"Innovation Diva" has become a standing joke at work that came about when thinking of new titles for positions. This title is always fun to use because not one aspect of Jennifer's personality reflects being a diva.

So in honor of your accomplishments, Jennifer (Innovation Diva), we all say CONGRATS! You deserve it and we know you will shine!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Cake Sampling with Shaina and Joshua!

I recently realized that I have at least one cake every weekend for the next two months... I am so EXCITED! (and already kinda tired... ha ha) The grand finale of this stretch of cakes will be Shaina and Joshua's wedding cake on May 29th--a very scary and fantastic thought all in one!

Today was very gloomy, dark and rainy around here so what better to do than sample wedding cake recipes?! Not many things in my book. Shaina and Joshua and both so sweet and I loved hanging out with them for a while today. They mentioned that they really liked key lime cake so I made a small key lime and two small traditional wedding cake recipes for them to choose from. I didn't spend much time on decorating them, but wanted them to not be so plain--so here is what they sampled...
They picked the cake with the bow on it (known as cake #1) and the cake with the heart (key lime) to alternate between the tiers. Joshua scored major points with me by being an icing lover---more specifically of my icing : ) Can't wait for the end of May to see how this cake turns out... 62 days!!!

Be sure to check out my blog in the next few weeks... I will have a new one this Wednesday and then they will just keep coming!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bicycle with Fruit

The person I made this cake for didn't want me to use food coloring so I was able to think out of the box a bit. Even though I wasn't able to include many details, I am a big fan of having the fruit be the coloring for the handle bars and red "metal" of the bike.

This was a peanut butter cake with vanilla and chocolate icing (and strawberries and blueberries, of course). When I was talking about peanut butter cake at work, I had everyone jealous that the cake wasn't for them. I got the recipe from Gran... so it will definitely be tasty!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing! This cake was for Mrs. Hancock, the teacher Morgan is student teaching with. Ahhh, the perfect picture of Spring!!

This cake went in the oven at 6:20 this morning : O Wednesdays are my busy day because after work I babysit from 5:30-9. The only way to fit it all in and have it be as fresh as possible was to get up at "teacher time" (going off of Morgan's schedule) and make the cake. Despite being tired during both the baking and decorating stage, I really like the way it turned out!!!

I could get used to making cakes with my own designs... : )

Only 2 more days until it is officially Spring... I am beyond excited!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shine in the "4" Club!

Shine in the "4" Club!

Morgan is student teaching this semester and spending her days with some AWESOME 4th graders! Anyone who is familiar with 4th grade knows all about ORQs (Open Response Questions). Her class has been working really hard to improve their ORQ scores, so Morgan created the "4" club to motivate them even further to do their best!

Anyone else want to be in the "4" club now?

Miss Purdy, I think they are ready for school tomorrow... : )

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Surprise Rachel!

I made this cake for Lisa's friend, Rachel! The best part about it is that it was a SURPRISE!!! I love surprises : )

Lisa gave me free reign over this cake, which I loved... music to my ears! The only thing she told me was that Rachel liked simple things and bold colors. Eh, I think I went the complete opposite direction from the "simple" thing. I was the first to admit that I got a little carried away with this one--but I like that it turned out a little crazy (and so did Lisa).

P.S. This is the 50th cake I have made!!! I can't believe it : ) Keep the orders coming...

Cupcake Pops

I made theses for an auction for Miller's school. I contributed a gift certificate for a cake but wanted to make something to get people interested in Cake it Pretty. I am excited to see who I will be making a cake for and what it will be.

Whitney and Morgan gave me this idea. A little boy at school had brought something similar for his birthday and they both knew I would love these!

In the middle of making them I told Morgan that sometimes I think I am too ambitious (it was my current state of tiredness talking) and she replied, "You just can't help it!" ha ha

Lots of cupcake pops! I didn't eat one at the time because I had already been looking at them for so long, but now I wish I would have : ) I think these would be really cute for any occasion with a cute message on the stick.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gran and PeeWee!

Just wanted to take a break from cakes to say...
Happy 52nd Anniversary Gran and PeeWee!!!

Cake it Pretty!

I am so excited that I finally created a blog! Over the past year I have fallen in love with cake decorating! I am self-taught and everything I make is homemade. I love trying new recipes and attempting new designs. Although it can try my patience at times, it truly makes life so much sweeter!

Whether you are celebrating, or just because... let me help make it prettier.