Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't make me take my shoe off!

This cake is for a retirement party for Freida who has worked at the Electric Plant Board for 20 years! She once said "Don't make me take my shoe off!" And... of course, it stuck! I love the idea of this cake : )

How cool is the shoe??? I have a feeling it will be the first of many shoes to come!

Congrats Freida!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's official: MEGHAN'S ENGAGED!!!!!

*A Guest post by Mollie*

Good evening Cake It Pretty lovers! I am very excited to be writing as Meghan's first GUEST POSTER! For those who don't know me, I am Mollie--Meghan's first cousin, roommate, fellow feline lover, baking buddy, future wedding planner, and of course--partner in crime! (Meghan--I'm going to go on and apologize for any embarrassment caused by my post or any overshare of information--however, I feel it is all necessary for our blogger friends!) In April 2010 Alex approached me about my fantastic cousin MEGHAN. He wanted to meet her. I don't know why I didn't think about it before, so I made them meet! They hit it off from the beginning and have been inseparable ever since! It wasn't long after they started dating that it was obvious that they were meant to be! When Meghan moved to Russellville in August they got even closer and I knew he was THE ONE for her! :)

Alex is a wonderful guy!! For those of you who don't know him let me tell you more. Anything Meghan wants, he will do for her, get for her, or make sure it will happen! But Meghan doesn't take advantage of this. Alex loves to torment her by smothering her with compliments and saying gooshy stuff in public! (I LOVE this about Alex, and I tend to egg it on to keep him going!!) Alex is soooo proud of Meghan and loves to show her off and talk about her to anyone that will listen! He truly is her prince charming!!!!!

SOOOOO........ as I was shopping for my wedding band I kept bugging Meghan and making her try on engagement rings!! I would pick up those ring catalogues every time I was in the mall and bring them home and we would obsess over them. Alex loooooved that this was going on! So I soon started expecting an engagement! It was probably November when I told them they should get married on just sounds good! Say it....

six. nine. twelve.

I love it! It totally has to happen!! :) After I "set" this date I kept saying things like "Christmas engagement!" or "New years engagement!" or "Valentine engagement!" And these things drove Meghan crazy....even though she wanted it!! And Alex of course just LOVED it!!!! Which made me love it even more!!

One day in January Alex called me from the jewelery store to announce that he was purchasing THE RING!!!!! WOW I was sooo excited!! SO we had to wait for it to be sized and then Alex sent me this picture.........

Can I say WOW!!!

So.....soon after he picked up the ring he chose the date for the proposal, which happened to be Friday, March 11, 2011. It was the Friday of Meghan's spring break from WKU. He had the proposal all planned....but that wasn't enough for me! I wanted a PARTY!!! SO I got to planning! Morgan and I conspired a SURPRISE engagement dinner party at DiFabio's in Madisonville complete with invitations!!!!! :)

BECAUSE Meghan is the Cake It Pretty girl I knew I had to make a fabulous cake!!! So then the planning began! I wanted to do something creative that would totally impress her! I brainstormed a ring cake and here's what I came up with.....

After digging under Meghan's bed through all her cake stuff I found many different pans. So I used the large round pan and put a six inch pan in the middle to make the center of the ring. DC suggested the decorative glass ball to hold the small pan in place.
After baking the cake I removed the small pan and had a perfect ring shape!!

WOW I'm proud of myself!! :)

Here's the happy couple with the finished product! It was white cake with buttercream frosting covered in sparkly sprinkles!!!!!

Above are the beautiful balloons that turned it from just a dinner to a dinner party!! haha

Above is one of the precious centerpieces from the Mighty Dollar!!! She looks like Meghan!!!!
Look how proud Alex is!!!! This picture was taken before the surprise dinner party!!!

And here is the beautiful ring!!!!! Didn't Alex do a great job? Meghan and Alex are the luckiest, happiest, most wonderful couple in the world!!!! I am soooooo happy they found each other!! Meghan has been right by my side the last eight months planning my magical wedding and I am sooooooo excited to help her plan her big day!!! This next year is going to be so exciting!




to the happy couple!!!!


And..... thanks for letting me be a guest poster even though you knew I may embarass you!