Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mollie!!!

The pretty birthday girl and the cake after her "Brickyard Birthday"!!!

This cake has an interesting story... somehow I was able to keep it a surprise! Since I live with Mollie, I knew I couldn't make the cake at the house because she would know if chocolate cake was in the oven. After church on Wednesday, I baked and iced the cake at Alex's house but with the storms, I wanted to decorate it at Mollie's.
So.. with it being after 9:00 (Mollie's ideal bedtime) I figured the coast was clear to go back and decorate. Well, the surprise was on me at this point because Mollie was STILL awake! Over the next two hours I kept reminding her how late it was and telling her how surprised I was she was still awake. Although she was half asleep with Madeline on the couch, she didn't go to bed until 11. I waited until about 11:15 to make sure she didn't come back downstairs and then began dying and decorating!

Even though I was up LATE, it was definitely worth it to surprise Mollie. She thought Beth had gotten a DQ cake for her birthday (thanks for playing along and being quick to make something up, Beth!)

3 layers of chocolate!!!

Me with the lovely birthday girl! : ) Another late night... Mollie--I'm very proud!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cookout for Mollie and Tyler!

This cake was for a cookout given my the Epley's and the Chambers' to celebrate Mollie and Tyler! Only 13 days!!!

Mollie Meacham Tyler

Mollie's two favorite colors... PINK and AQUA!

Of course the cake had to be chocolate... Mollie picked it!

Pretty dessert table! You can't see in this picture but to the left of the cake is the best "banana-less" pudding ever. The cake was also in good company with fruit and tea cookies!

Table set up, it couldn't have been any more perfect : )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ashton and John Dawson May 14, 2011

Congratulations Ashton and John!

This cake fit perfectly with the theme of Ashton's wedding! Thank you so much for letting me be part of your special day. I love love love the tree base of this cake!

Flavors starting from the top: red velvet (for Ashton and John to eat today before they leave for Mexico tomorrow), key lime, strawberry and yellow with raspberry filling.

Mollie and I met Ashton at the Celebration of Brides wedding show earlier this year. We instantly clicked with her and had a great time that day. We kept in touch and she asked me to make her wedding cake! I was so excited. When she came over for cake tasting, she got to hang out with Alex a bit... so, the best part of this is that she is also going to take my wedding pictures next June. Check her out at Ashton Oakes Photography!

Photo credit goes to Alex on this one! I love this picture because it shows just how massive this awesome cake was.

Showering Laura!

The pretty bride to be!

Congrats Laura and Brad! Can't wait for you to tie the knot in August.

Laura and Brad Long

Alternating strawberry and key lime... YUM : ) The colors are her wedding colors... pink, yellow and orange!

Morgan was SOOO relieved that Mal took over her usual job of "cake cutter helper." I am just realizing that I have a lot of people who hold titles with Cake it Pretty and I love you all for how you help me create!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Showering Mollie!!!

The beautiful bride-to-be "wearing" her dress cake!

Such a pretty cake display!

Now for the story behind the making of this cake...
It was all I could do to keep the design of the cake a secret from Mollie, much less during the actual process. Every time she left the house yesterday she had to call before she came in to see if I was working on her cake or another cake. This was working out nicely until she had to run something in and I said "DO NOT LOOK IN THE KITCHEN!" Of course, she had to sneak a peak. I didn't know she had seen anything until today at the shower. The only part she saw was the top of the dress when it had just been covered in fondant (nothing decorative added to it). She instantly was concerned and told Beth she thought I was making a "tooth" for her cake! She said, "maybe for a birthday cake, but not for my shower!" I was thrilled to find out today that she had to think it was a tooth all day... serves her right for peaking ; ) Love you Mollie!

Ready for a close up!

The balloon matched the invitations perfectly!

Of course I had to add pink "M's" to the chocolate covered strawberries!

Yummy food table!!!

How cool are these water beads with lights underneath?!!! Thanks so much, Terri!

Happy Birthday Ann Michele!

Happy 21st Birthday Ann Michele! I am so glad I could make your cake! I was thrilled with your reaction... it's the best part of making cakes : )

Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Mollie was my taste tester for the icing during the decorating stage yesterday... she definitely approved (even if it was before 7 am) : )

The weather was perfect yesterday for such a spring-y cake!

Little Lamb Baby Shower Cake

This adorable cake was for a baby shower and I LOVED it! The top layer was white and the bottom strawberry : )

The lamb turned out to be sooo precious!

Relay for Life Survivor Dinner

I was so excited to be able to make this cake for the Relay for Life Survivor dinner in Russellville!

Here's to many more BIRTHDAYS!!!

Make a wish : )

The set up... everything matched so perfectly!