Saturday, September 25, 2010

Karla's Wedding Cake

This cake was for Mollie's jazzercise friend, Karla! The weather was beautiful today for a wedding at the lake! Such pretty colors for a fall cake!

Karla brought in her flower yesterday when she picked up the cake and they will be so pretty with the flowers on the cake!

Extra cake for Mollie and Meghan!!! Happy everything : )

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brad & Michelle's Wedding Shower

We had a wedding shower for Brad and Michelle yesterday at Mollie's and it was perfect! We couldn't decide on a design for the cake so I made it match the pretty napkins! The cake was pistachio flavor and the inside color almost matched the ribbon!

HAHAHAHA! Alex has no idea I even took this picture so he is going to LOVE that I posted it. Mollie and I had watched a few too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy yesterday morning so by the time Alex stopped was cleaning time. Mollie asked him to grab the pledge out of the closet but little did he know that was only the beginning. Mollie gave him a list of tasks including pledging, windexing, taking out the trash and all the sweeping : ) He's too good! (and didn't complain at all!)

Pretty balloons (at the perfect height!)

Balloons at the front door.

This banner was carefully and creatively made by Abby and Anne! : )

Pretty flowers on the kitchen table.

Abby with the cake--since I didn't want to be in the picture with it! Great job on the ribbon, Anne!

We loved the engagement ring balloon!

The table of goodies... especially the chocolate covered strawberries (right, Mols?!)

The other side of the table. The stand with the cheese and crackers has a little picture of Brad and Michelle at the back... it was too cute!

SOOO pretty!
My bride : )

Beth and Gran made Morgan's and she had rosettes at the top (made me think of Whitney, Morgan and Bekah and our fun project runway parties... make it work!)

The winners! Mom was the bride... too funny!

Michelle and her pretty BOWquet that Mollie put together! (No bows were broken in the making of this masterpiece!)

Gran, Peewee and Captain Jack!!!! : ) This is probably my favorite picture of the day!