Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cat Cake and Camo Cupcakes

Gracie wanted a cat cake for her birthday!! Originally she wanted Madeline and Rora, but then decided on just a cat.

The adorable birthday girl kissing her cat cake : ) One of my favorite cake pics ever!

Pink camo cupcakes for Alex's cousin Sydney's 7th birthday!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Ways to Look Younger

This cake was for a 30th birthday party. She sells Usborne Books so it was perfect to make a stack of books as her cake. My favorite part is the "K' bookmark!

30 Ways to Look Younger was such a cute idea! I loved making this one.


...Rora sat on the box!!!! Mollie and I were cleaning the kitchen and had the cake in the dinning room. At the same time we heard a noise and I ran in there to find Rora sitting on the cake box! Luckily we had saved some of the extra icing because we had extra cake (YUM!) but had already cleaned the icing bags and tips.

The damage done to the cake and the box!

The final finished product!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alex's Birthday Surprises!!!

Let the fun begin...

SURPRISE! Mollie and I decorated Alex's office at church since his birthday was on Wednesday and that's where he was all night : )

We like to call Alex an "extremist" so I had to at least try to do something out of the ordinary. I think we accomplished that!

It was sooo fun to decorate (especially with Christmas music playing in the background)!

Balloons!!! The BIRTHDAY BOY one wins as the favorite!

View of the middle of the room from the floor!

More balloons...

Of course we had to take the baby with us to leave little reminders (cat hairs) of her presence.

"I'm at work!"

Rora was all over his office! It was a struggle to not send him a pic of her last night to have him guess where she was : )

See, all over the place...

Now to the most important part of a birthday... THE CAKE! It was strawberry with cream cheese frosting because that's Alex's favorite!

His favorite things... a keyboard for everything music, WKU and Ole Miss!

And now--everything he hates... UK! Go CATS! I couldn't resist : )

Friday, November 5, 2010

Over the Hill

Happy Birthday Rob! This cake was one of the fastest I've ever made--which makes it even better!

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

I love the little man! Just like the swimmers I made over the summer, his finger are my favorite part : )