Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fire truck cake

The water is my favorite part!!!

The most challenging part of this cake was getting the shape of the truck how I imagined it needed to look. I think the little people add a lot to it!

Eddie took the cake to the fire station the next day so more people could enjoy it.

For anyone who knew this song when they were younger..... "PSHHH, out goes the fire!"

Buttercup Cakelets

My new favorite thing...

Valentines Cakes

These cakes were red velvet and SOOO cute! They ended up being more time-consuming than I had expected, but I was very glad I made them.

At the time I didn't have a small heart cookie cutter, so I cut and transformed a circle to make a heart. I learned my lesson with that and now have a small heart : )

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake was for Morgan's teacher she is student teaching with this semester.

Valentine from Debbie and Eric

Not exactly a cake, but I couldn't help but share... it's too cool!

Gillian's Pool Cake

I love these little swimmers... their toes are just too cute! Go Gillian--she is definitely going to win this race : )

"Happy Birthday" on one side of the flags and "Gillian!" on the other

The cake was chocolate, chocolate-chip.

Every 11-year-old needs a towel and flip flops to match her swim suit...

Miller's 4th Birthday

These cupcakes were for Miller's 4th birthday party for his class at school. His favorite colors are green and white and he is very proud that he is now four. If it has been a few months later he probably would have preferred they had an 11 on top for John Wall!!! ha ha

I love Miller... when I walked in with these he yelled "the cupcake lady!!!" and gave me a big hug : )

Happy Birthday Candy!

This birthday cake was one of the first that I hadn't used fondant for. It was fun to make because I got to create it however I wanted--with pink, green, and flowers.

Happy Birthday Emma Jean


This cake is one of my very favorites!!! One of my friends is the UK Scratch Mascot so I couldn't resist making this for his birthday.

This cake was SO much fun to make!

Zander's Train Cake

I love this train cake. The sections alternate between vanilla and chocolate cake and each have different candy pieces on top. The wheels were oreos with skittles in the middle.

It's difficult to see because the cake is so wide, but there is a train track from one side to the other. The pictures of Zander at his party are adorable... he dressed up like a conductor!

Baby Thomas' Baptism Cake

This cake was for baby Thomas' baptism. It was 1/2 white cake and 1/2 chocolate. Matthew 19:15 (the next verse) says "And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left." This is why I used the hand prints in the corners as the page numbers. The page numbers are 11 and 22 because that was the date of the baptism.

Awww... booties!

Ashley took this picture of the table she had set up after the baptism. Too bad Thomas was only a few months old and still too young to enjoy it... guess I will have to make another one for him when he's older : )

Lauren's triple chocolate fudge cake!

Lauren's special request for her birthday that she named the "chocolate monster." It was a triple chocolate cake with fudge icing... she looovvveeeddd it!

Emily's at-home reception

MMM.... strawberry! I posted this pic just for you, Emily. Can you taste it now?

This cake was for Emily and Ryan's at-home reception. She got married in North Carolina at the end of July and had this reception in Winchester in August. The chairs on the top of the cake were from her actual wedding cake and the shells are made of white chocolate.
Check out the flip flops : )

Flower Pot!

This is easily one of my favorites... and not too difficult to make. My instructions for this cake were to incorporate flowers and to make something that an 80-year-old lady would like. I think I accomplished both of these : )

The "dirt" is crushed up oreos and sprinkles. Everything is edible besides the wire flower stems.

Volleyball Cake

This cake was for an end-of-summer party for Owensboro Catholic Middle School volleyball team! Go Lady Aces!

Gran and Peewee's birthday cake

Gran and Peewee's birthdays are only 2 days apart so we had their birthday celebration together. Gran let me make the cake but gave me strict instructions not to "decorate it fancy." Although it looked plain it tasted fantastic!

Yum! Tangerine cake... I surprised Chris (Jayde's dad) with a big piece of this cake and easily became his favorite person that day.

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Blues Clues

So much time went into making this cake that I cannot help but LOVE it! Each of the cakes were completely covered in fondant and then I used icing and a small star tip to cover the bottom half of each.

This was for a first birthday so the head was just covered in icing and came off to be the "smash" cake!!! Each of the circle alternated between chocolate and vanilla cake.

Blue and Magenta from Blue's Clues... complete with matching cupcakes topped with party rings. Blue was chocolate, Magenta was strawberry, and the cupcakes were vanilla. These are also at the top of my favorites list!


This was my second Sponge Bob cake... I made a few changes from the first and it was much easier to make and assemble.

I made this cake at the beginning of August. It provided it's fair share of problems and I don't want to relive it past that ha ha

I like parts of each of these.... which do you like best?


Carrot Cake Halloween Mummies!!!

Such a scary monster...

Mom and Dad were going to the lake with their friends so I decided to send these cute little swimmers with them!

... and summery cupcakes aren't complete without a few grills!