Sunday, October 2, 2011

Congrats Jennie and Brandon!!!

So glad I could make Jennie and Brandon's wedding cake yesterday! They are some of the nicest people and were both beautiful on the big day! The wedding was outside at Flint Ridge and was such a beautiful, sunny day for a wedding.

Jennie is an art teacher, so we had a lot of fun before the wedding getting the design of the cakes JUST RIGHT. She wanted to go with an art deco theme, I love how unique these cakes were.

Tough decision for choices of flavors... strawberry (Jennie and Brandon's favorite), red velvet, and yellow. They cut the top of the three tier cake outside in the tent in front of all the guests. This gave me a chance to cut the cake behind the scenes, which I definitely liked.
Of course, Charlie was the first person to get a piece of the cake.

Thanks to Alex for being a great cake cutting assistant! Just what he wanted to do instead of watch football... he's just too good at it, would hate to waste such talent : )

The ceremony was in front of the house with close to 200 white chairs on each side of the steps. Jennie came around the side of the house (opposite the tent) for her grand entrance. We were told the moment was out-of-a-movie gorgeous! I can definitely say that she fit this description, regardless of the moment.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Blake!