Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kayley's Birthday

Meet Kayley: The cutest 5-year-old ever! A quick story to tell give you a picture of how precious she is.... Here she is showing me her talent of "smiling like Barbie," I only wish I would have got her to pose like it, too (she definitely has the pose down)!

The theme was butterflies and flowers... the cake matches the plates!

Kayley's party was at gymnastics and it is possible that Alex had more fun with the kids than they had with each other! hahaha

Savannah's Birthday!

This cake was for Alex's cousin, Savannah. Two of Savannah's favorite things... volleyball and tie dye!

The rolled out fondant... I love the way it turned out!

And now for what Alex does while I am caking....

Rediscovers magic fiddle (and plays it just a LITTLE too long) on the ipad!

Plays with the extra fondant!

Proud of his creations... he secretly loves to cake!

Plays with the extra icing... (and sticking his tongue out to be like me!)

The greatest part of all---He helps me clean up!!!

Happy Birthday, Sheridan!

Sheridan LOVES cats, so it was no surprise that she wanted a cat cake!

The ball of yarn was a lot of fun to make... I hope it was just as much fun to eat!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Happy Birthday, Morgan! This cake was for a 4-year-old and the theme of her party was Tangled (Rapunzel)!

The cake matched the plates for the party!

Love that the hair wrapped all around the cake on both sides!

Driving Ms. Daisy!

This cake was a surprise for Jay from Cathy for their anniversary! It was lemon flavor cake with raspberry filling (unintentionally suggested by Jay at the lake)!

This cake is a Daisy because Cathy drives Jay around and she calls him Daisy, like Driving Ms Daisy. He told me "as long as she does it, I don't mind what she calls me."