Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ainsley's 3rd Birthday!

What a cute party theme.... Under the Sea!!!

This cake almost told a story. The bottom layer was under the sea, the middle was full of palm trees and the top was the clouds... Ainsley is on the top in a inter tube (of course with a bow : ))

Each layer was a different flavor... bottom = vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling, middle = strawberry cake with buttercream filling and top = chocolate with cookies and cream filling.

How cute is little Miss Ainsley with her birthday girl shirt???

Me with the birthday girl (and our flower girl next June!)

Hi, Ainsley! She loved her trampoline and was definitely a jumping bean! She told us she jumped ALL NIGHT LONG and I definitely don't doubt it! : )

What "Under the Sea" birthday party would be complete without a little time in the pool?

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